Q: Will you be recording video as well as audio?

A: Our recording platform will capture both video and audio, but we're currently only publishing content in an audio format.

Q: Will the recording be edited?

A: Yes. We try our best to edit out any mistakes, and because we're calling in from separate locations there can be occasional glitchiness. Also, our goal is to make our guests as comfortable as possible, so if you say something you think you might like edited out before publishing, just let us know during or immediately following the recording and we'll do it without question.

Q: If I need to get up and take a break to stretch my legs or pause recording at any point, can I?

A: Absolutely! We're in no rush and you shouldn't be, either. This is a slumber party!

Q: Is profanity allowed?

A: It's fucking encouraged!

Q: Can we drink?

A: Yes! This is a social event, so please enjoy yourself!

Q: Can I take reefer during the recording?

A: Yes, however, for the sake of any children that may be listening we ask that you keep it to seven.