Our Story

The three of us started out as organizers of the Faculty of Horror Chat Group who met weekly via video chats to unpack horror movies through different sociological lenses, in the spirit of our favorite podcast. We loved to explore our favorite films and glean the dark little gems of subtext therein, while also maintaining a fun and casual atmosphere. We wasted no time in bonding as friends and before we knew it, we were in daily communication.

Our meetings gained more traction and began to attract special guests, which inspired us to reach out to more industry professionals to be a part of our round table discussions. Though initially keeping our program live and unrecorded, we started to develop our own unique format to the meetings and were bristling with creative energy. Soon after, we were able to enlist the support of Andrea Subissati and Alex West in starting our very own podcast.

Who We Are

We are horror fans. We love to hang out in the comfort of our homes and video chat personally with screen writers, directors, actors, journalists, and other genre professionals over drinks and snacks. We want to engage with our listeners and our guests alike so that we may gain a better understanding of film theory, the philosophy of horror, the movie industry, and the world around us.

We are also feminists and believe that patriarchy, (among racism, classism, homophobia, and transphobia, etc.) creates deep problems within our society by promoting toxic masculinity and enforcing arbitrary gender roles on men as well as women. As our show goes on, we hope to address these as well as other systems of exploitation, oppression, repression,  and delineate these power dynamics through narrative analysis. We think that horror is unique in its methods of subverting ruling class ideology and its deep rooted filmic conventions. Most of all, though, we just want to learn and have fun!

Our Format


The first half of each episode focuses on the director's whole body of work, or most recent project they wish to promote. The second half of each episode features a pre-selected movie with similar themes to those discussed in the first half. We thoroughly enjoy the challenge that this presents to our guests and ourselves as we compare and contrast multiple horror films in each episode.

Meet the Hosts



Eric Mulkey

Producer, Co-host, Purveyor of The Cloven Hoof

He's newer to the genre than most, and his primary interest is exploring where horror and critical theory intersect. A lover of nature and animals, he breeds and raises pack goats in Central Texas.


Jennifer Harrison

Co-host, Heavy Metal Housewife

She's just a simple Texas gal into murder, mayhem, and heavy metal music. She's a Chainsaw superfan and collector. Jen is passionate about the female voice in horror and is not here for your T&A nonsense. She's also an avid gardener, cook, cross stitcher, and mom of two cats. Spooky is her lifestyle.


Katt Partnoy

Co-host, Mistress of The Dark Arts

A lifelong horror fan with a background in Radio Broadcasting, and a Student of Social Service Work. She loves horror movies, books, video games, and art.